I’m a movie freak, more of an art lover and I watch stuff only when it promises of a solid base. In this blog post, I’ve listed 3 movies that go on the top of my favorite list and I’ve tried my best to give you a sneek-peak into the movies so that you can decide on your own whether you’re gonna give them a shot!

1. Chicago


Released back in the year of 2002, Chicago brings the old classy jazz times back with the young broadway flare. The movie speaks about two main characters Roxie and Velma both in jail who find themselves trapped in a death row to survive their dreams. The movie is a musical classical and one of the biggest hits on this century.

The movie encompasses every genre; Thriller, Suspense, Drama, Musical, name it! I’ve personally not seen such a master piece and I’d say it is the movie of the generation. If you’re into experimenting with the movie genres then you should give it a try. Speaking about giving it a try, I apologize, this movie is something that deserves a watch.

2. Perfume


Perfume is a psychological thriller movie that encompasses some of the fantasy too.

It speaks about a young boy who has this explicit capability to smell; smell the things and aromas that normal people can’t even dream of. The story progresses how he turns out to be a young man who is kicking in hard through life to learn more by assisting a well known perfumer and how he ends up discovering new yet nasty mysterious ways to make perfumes that posses the power to enchant human beings. The movie keeps unfolding different chapters each telling its own story, each expressing a different emotion and in the end just how the last page of the story turns out is remarkably beautiful.


3. Mama


Mama, a psychological horror suspense thriller speaks of a story of two young girls that were left abandoned after their parents’ death in a deep forest. Their uncle discovers them later and starts parenting them but it was hard to bring the wild girls back to society culture. To overcome this difficulty he takes help of a psychiatrist who happens to have an opinion that the poor girls have drawn a mental image of a parental figure during the years of their long abandonment. They call her mama.

But what if that parental figure, the Mama, turns out be real? An unsatisfied ghost who is determined at getting what she couldn’t get in her life, mama tries to take the girls with her by jumping off a cliff. That’s when the character of the uncle’s girlfriend, Annabelle, takes the hold of the situation.
The way Annabelle has potraited the motherhood by passing the warmth and heat of her love by a few breaths is literally beautiful. This is something that can teach people how to love people, how to keep faith and live life through the odds.

So this was the list of the three movies that I’d recommend everyone to watch. Not only these movies have been beautifully composed, they are solely worth of the time spent on them. If you happen to watch any of these, drop your views!



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