“Sunny Praji”, our very famous and nick named sikh icon who is considered to be a taboo for giving a power packed performance full of action and drama is back again in “Singh Saab – The Great”.

Once again Sunny Deol, Urvashi Rautela, Amrita Rao and Prakash Raj starrer “Singh Saab – The Great”..!! As the name reveals this movie is centralized on a single typical Singh – Punjabi munda type character of our Sunny praji who tries to shake the system which is full of some evil elements ruling over.

Well, the people who love and admire the dialougs like “Jab ye Dhai kilo ka hath kisi par padta he, to addmi uth nahi, uth jaata he..” and “Hindustan Pakistan ka Bapp he aur Pakistan Hindustan ka beta” then you surely going to love each and every bite of this movie with your popcorn. Because here also you’ll come across some catchy dialougs like “Baali hamesha bakre kid ii jaati he…sher ki nahi….”.

The characters:

Sunny Deol: As always has tried to, and have been successful enough in justifying his character of an honest collector who fights for his ethics and his love Urvashi. He has maintained the consistency in his character but at some points you’ll feel as if it is moving very slow or it is hypothetical. His “roars and shouts” and dialoug delivery charm is still intact in him at this age even. The romantic moments in between Urvashi and Sunny are not so impressive.

Amrita Rao: A news reporter has got a little but significant role who helps the Singh Saab fight against the injustice happening into the society.

Urvashi Rautela: Who plays the role of Sunny Deol’s lover. Though the Jodi won’t make you fall for the movie but yes the typical Indian look and beauty will definitely smitten you all through. She will have her foot for a long stay in bollywood in coming time. Her future is bright enough.

Prakash Raj: Now comes the very important character of “Bhudev” being played by “Prakash Raj” whom I personally admire because of his evergreen role of a villain. He plays the role of that typical evil living into the society of humans like Sunny Praji. Prakash Raj has steal away the show as a whole through his superb and perfect dialoug delivery. His big rolling eyes, typical corrupted looks and flawless gestures will entertain you till the end. It seems that he is having a very bright future in this industry.


“Singh Saab- The Great” is a full on typical masala movie which can be watched once with your cokes and popcorn. The positive side of the movie is the message of this movie. The message of how an honest person tries to give his cent person in cleaning up the evils like Bhudev in the society. He has passed on a very nice message that “The world is not bad because of some evils ruling it, instead, the world is bad because good people don’t make use of their strength in a proper way”.


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