Here I am again but now with the Movie Review of the Hollywood Sci-fiction Movie Robocop

Certainly we have heard about Robocop which has 2 parts released before by Director Paul Verhoeven ,and the Robocop character played by Peter Weller. Now followed by first part the 2nd part was released soon in 1990 by Irvin Kershner and the Robocop was played by Peter Weller.

Both Movies were successfully blockbuster at that point of time and very advance VFX at that time.

This was the History of the Robocop before talking about the new Robocop movie which is recently released worldwide .This movie has the almost same concept as the Robocop movie in 1987,but the VFX of this movie is extremely advance and outstanding by all means, the director of the movie Jose Padilha has done very good job directing this film, though the story has been the same but worth watching because of the role played by Joel Kinnaman as Robocop and the VFX.

Its a kind of time travel to 2028 where Alex Murphy, a loving husband, dad and an efficient cop – is injured badly performing his line of duty. the story begins from this very point where multinational conglomerate OmniCorp finds an opportunity for an officer as a part-robot policeman.

The story also reveals the overseas where drones of this OmniCorp has been used by the military people for years which in turn have given them the billions for its bottom line. The twist and turn only happens when OmniCorp wants to commence a controversial technology on the front side, visioning this to be a golden chance to make it possible. For this Alex is chosen over to be that part-man police officer. The only purpose for this OmniCorp is to gain make multiple billions by placing each robo-cop like Alex in each and every possible city and let this chain reaction make them the worthiest. But they forget one very important thing while executing this thing that inside every machine there is lying something called humanity who is fighting for the justice happening to humanity.

So, if you are a hardcore fan of VFX than you’re going to love this movie for sure.


  1. “Drop it!”

    “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me!”

    Ah yes, I am a fan of Robocop, and I remember watching all 3 as a kid. I heard great things about this new one and it’s surprisingly good. I might have to check it out.

    How does this compare to the ones in the 90’s?

    • Hello Nate,Thanks for visiting

      There is no difference between the Story of the 90’s movie and this movie.Only the difference is VFX,its very advance.


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