It has been quite some time since Rajat Tokas, currently playing the role of Emperor Akbar in Zee TV’s superhit period drama Jodha Akbar, has been under speculation regarding his personal life. This has come to its culmination with his engagement to Shrishti Nayar recently. Sources say that both had been seeing each other for quite some time before they finally decided to make it official. The engagement was a private affair with their close friends.

We tried to contact Rajat, but he remained unavailable for comments. Seemingly, Rajat has never been very media-friendly and has always abstained from talking anything, but work.

News about his engagement had a mixed response from his fans across the world. In fact, recently he affirmed his displeasure to his fans whose reaction to the news of his engagement was abysmal. He has also reported his revulsion against all the fake accounts in his name on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, confirming that he holds no accounts in any social networking website. He alsowent public,recently, to confirm about this after the news of imposters creating fake accounts on social medialike Facebook and Twitter and luring his fanshad spread like wild fire.

Rajat is currently believed to be in South Africa with his co-actor Paridhi and some other members of the Jodhar Akbar cast for some promotional event and shows for the channel.


  1. congratzz Rajat u r getting engaged……..i am your biggest and i guarentee that youngest alsoo butttt i never had a crush on somebody sooo much as i have in youuu….i watch your episodes every single repeat except the hours when i am in school :(
    plz plz plz can u invite me also in your engagement u knowww u wont even guess how muchhhh u willl be happy to see ME for bieng such a big fannn


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