Interstellar may be one of best films ever made in international cinema. Like all others I’m also big fan of Mr Christopher Nolan and I really appreciate the work and dedication he gave to this movie, Even we can say only one person has ability to make this kind of movie and that man is Nolan himself.

Well 1st time when I watched this movie, It amazed me totally; it required hell lot of scientific rules to prove Nolan wrong. 2nd time and then 3rd time when I see I found so many things which were actually mistakes by the none other than perfectionist himself which I’d like to point.

Lack of detailing:

The scenes on earth only shown in particular area(Coopers Village and few area around it), while what’s going on in other areas of earth? In other states, countries, continents, even no effects on sea.

In starting of movie, Cooper and family passed through dust storm, while shooting, at 1st storm was blowing from left side, but after few time automatically it changed pattern from right to left. When cooper gifts watch to Murf, its showing 9:02 just after few minutes its showing 8:22.

Contradictory to Reality:

Well it’s shown in movie that Nitrogen level goes down to 80% which affects life, and it’s shown all suffocating. Even crops are low, nothing to grow. But in real if nitrogen goes down 20% there is no life is possible, because oxygen level increases so high, there will be no crop, no woods, no trees and no life in no time.

The 5th Dimension:

Talking about 5th dimension of movie, well its shown cooper goes in that black hole and he travels through different worlds, finally comes back as strong as he was. About black hole, we all knows and scientists proved that gravity is so high that it attracts even planets and converts in high density material, A human is nothing in front of it at that gravitational force it will convert in small particles and swallowed by black hole in milliseconds. While Nolan shown by that is 5th dimension, but where is life in it? May be he shown 5D is god for 3D people.

Planet Miller

If we talk about planet Miller, gravity level is shown 130% where human weight increases drastically that can’t walk properly and face many difficulties. And here in movie there is not much change in walking patter of them. So that things are not taken cared properly.

The Time Span

It’s shown in movie that at Miller, every hour is equivalent to 7 years in earth, and they 23 years they passed in space, well no space vehicle have that much power and storage if its caring humans like that. Also hibernating humans for years is not and digestible funda even.

Scenes with Matt Demon

Talking about scenes with Matt Demon ( Dr. Mann) attacks on space vehicle, while Vehicle aborts its Docking Sequence. And it’s blasted in sec. But strange thing is no effects came on that heavy space vehicle. Even Dr. Mann was at that place before 4 years of cooper at miller, If so, that just imagine the time multiplied by 1 hour = 7 years. How much years should have been passed on earth. So it’s completely illogical.

All over movie has nice story line up, as a fiction story I might say it’s one of best. But if few things were added properly at correct way, Movie might have been a big blast. About cinematography and detailing of scenes few scenes were amazing, like once in life time thing. But depth is not much shown as Alfonso Curion did in Gravity.


  1. Well there were some mistakes but the writer of this article doesnt even know anything. Seems like you wrote this article in a hurry.
    LACK OF DETAILING : Really, what will they show ? the same thing ? Movie is already 3 hours long. They might add such things in Extended edition. There is a reason why editing is done..

    CONTRADICTORY TO REALITY : Well, almost every science fiction movie is based on FICTION. Do you think aliens are real ? But there are movies which show they are real. Its moronic to say its not real. That is why we say Science FICTION. and such things might happen. who knows.?

    5TH DIMENSION : Have you even studied about blackholes? because you didnt understand this part. He goes inside black hole. HE DOES NOT TRAVEL THROUGH DIFFERENT WORLDS. It is a fucking Tesseract which is placed there by future US. THERE IS NO LIFE INSIDE A BLACK HOLE. It is a TESSERACT through which he can see the past. He uses this to communicate with his daughter. Inside that tesseract 5 dimensions exist , you can also manipulate time and gravity.
    Yes blackhole will tear him apart on atomic level but its a movie, things need to be dramatic. First of all you cant see a blackhole, second you cant go near it, third you can even film a blackhole because it absorbs the light. So are you suggesting that we should not make a movie on blackhole because we cant see it?

    PLANET MILLER : 130% Is not too much and they are standing on water.

    THE TIME SPAN: Again you failed to understand it. Endurance was not working for this duration. It was kind of parked in space. and hibernating humans is called Cryo sleep or Cryo freeze,it is something that is shown in 2001: ASO and scientists are working on it. So it is possible in future.

    MATT DAMON : Again you failed to grasp this part. He spent 30 plus years not 4 years on that planet. His planet does not get affected by time dilation much. So when Coop was on miller, 23 years went by for mann..

    I am not saying there are no mistakes, indeed there are but all the points you tried to make here dont make any sense at all. Seems like you didnt understand the movie.
    The only serious mistakes are that Michael caine looks same even after many years and Coop was alive even after going through the blackhole.
    All in all we should stop nitpicking and appreciate the filmmaker for giving us this movie. I mean who in the world hires a scientist to make a movie? I gave it 10 stars for his brilliant efforts.

    • Dear Aragorn of Gondor …

      I appriciate that you find some of ur precious time to read my review.

      And i can see you are a big fan of Mr.Noaln and so do i.

      Well regarding mistakes. If i say everything is fiction, and there is nothing to left for thing named Logic.

      As you also find two mistakes and wrote….” The only serious mistakes are that Michael caine looks same even after many years and Coop was alive even after going through the blackhole. ”

      Well again in return answer i can reply you … its fiction… so cooper can alive evern after his neck is cut off…

      Moral of the story is … if your reply is Its a ” Fiction ” for all mistakes i noted… it affects to your judgement too … which is written above …Be logical and then rather giving a simple lame reply that its fiction…

      About knowledge of balckhole and space and dimensions…

      You sir, are talking with A person who is researcher professor, who already worked with Indian space research institute, and Institute of Plasma research…

      I hope you better know about these two…

      • wow you are a researcher , really???

        My answer is not FICTION for everything???Being a researcher, don’t you know what cryo sleep is (its a shame)??? You said matt damon spent hundreds of years which didn’t make any sense at all..It would be better if you don’t do movie reviews if you cant understand a simple movie (and you don’t know what movie editing is, remove the parts which do not add any value to the movie)..And I justified my statements by giving explanations…can you do that? How do you support you statement when you say Matt damon spent hundreds of years on that planet (give me mathematical calculations please, I am good at it) ? How do you support your statement when you say cooper travels through many world inside the black hole (you are a researcher)? How do you support you statement when you say why is their no life inside the tesseract..? And you are being illogical here, I tried to give logical explanations.

        So you are not a good researcher (because you don’t know about the basic things about space and tech) and you are not a good movie reviewer (because you don’t know about the basics of movie making e.g editing, because extra things are added in EE not in the theatrical release)

        And yes I am a big fan of Nolan so what? Does it mean I will praise anything he makes ? Hell no, I didn’t like The Dark Knight Rises and I told my friends to avoid it..

        P.S: better stay away from movie reviews because you don’t know why the genre is called science fiction..

        P.P.S: Don’t brag about your degrees when you don’t have anything else to support your statements. I am a B.Tech (ECE) student in IIT Delhi so don’t think I am dumb.Degrees don’t make you superior..


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