Its been quite a while since the conclusion of the Harry Potter series. After the last motion picture of the extremely and widely acclaimed story of a magical world brimming with witches and wizards, i.e. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, wrote by a standout amongst the most conspicuous and proficient imaginative essayists ever J.k. Rowling. We are very nearly in no association of what are these on-screen characters upto and what the Harry Potter’s star-thrown are caught up with doing? It is safe to say that they are involved with some other enormous tasks or would it say it is something else? In the wake of making a social forbidden for every one of those intriguing personalities including both kids and young people, Harry Potter star cast has been into distinctive spaces from that point forward.

Lets have a look over “Harry Potter – Then and Now”.


How can we forget the second most youngest child of the weasley family, a boy with red hair, a bunch of confused thoughts in mind, a food-hogger who never misses out any food and a mind full of crippling fear from spiders? The boy is now grown up into a handsome man, an actor who made his on-stage debut playing the role of a boy dealing with drugs in the movie “Mojo”.




One of the most intelligent wizards – Hermione Granger, a girl who was then considered to be one of the cutest characters in the Harry Potter series is now grown up to be an elegant beauty admired by millions of fans around the globe. Watson is now going to pitch a role into a ecclesiastical legend “Noah”.




The performing artist in charge of the widely adored opponent is impending featuring in the film “In Secret” as a wiped out man with whom his cousin is constrained into a cold marriage. I hope Felton soon plays a role of a good guy, and I promise that day onwards the girls are going to totally fell for this handsome hunk.



In the Harry Potter series, the character who gave a tough competition to Malfoy in terms of gaining “HATE factor”, it was none other than the fatty-chubby and obnoxious cousin of Harry Potter – Dudley. Melling after the end of this series have lost both weight and fame simultaneously.



Ginny, a young lady who was been spared by Harry Potter from the Chambers of Secret is currently going to unfold her acting abilities in a drama show. The more youthful Weasley sister who inevitably takes Harry Potter’s heart is currently situated to star in a drama about small-town beauty pageants.



The ungainly child who’s infamous for having elixirs blast in his face is currently a full-become man with stubble. Murray hasn’t done any acting since the Potter movies, yet he’s still an active member in the promotional events of the Harry potter Franchise.



How can we forget that breathtaking and enlivening kiss between a 15 year old harry and her infatuation Cho in the Harry-Potter and the Order of Phoenix! Nowadays, Leung is an emphasized character on Hulu’s little dramatization “Run.”



Lewis’ conversion from the clumsy Neville of the early movies into a dashing young person offered want to blundering youths all around. Profession astute, Lewis as of late took the heading part in “The Rise,” a wrongdoing motion picture about vengeance and medication kingpins.



The unwavering Gryffindor peer and Quidditch fellow team member of Harry and Ron hasn’t done much acting since the Potter movies, in spite of the fact that he did show up in a scene of BBC’s dramatization “Broadchurch.”



The Hogwarts learner who nobody could ever truly evaluate as of late featured in the short “It Don’t Come Easy” as a modest wallflower, showing that few of the establishment’s on-screen characters is part of the way fixed to their Hogwarts partner for a long time to come.



Ron was the most potential target for his elder twin-brothers when it came to harass him and leading him to undergo a nerve-breakdown. One would think the awesome pair of twins – Fred and George, may need to pioneer their trails in the wake of being an on-screen couple for so long. On the other hand they could star as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in an approaching creation of Hamlet and keep creating their astounding science. Either way out, it will work.



“The boy who lived” – our very own Harry Potter, what to say about him? Daniel is supposed to make great efforts to move himself out from the iconic role played by him as the most efficient wizards in this franchise. Radcliffe has started the inconceivable assignment of differentiating himself from the notable part by budding up with John Hamm in the series “A Young Doctor’s Notebook.”