One very saddening news is floating in the air of Bollywood’s atmosphere. “Jannat” fame Emraan Hashmi’s 4 years old son Ayan is diagonized with a cancer in his body.

Speculations reveal that recently Mahesh Bhatt officially broke the news to media and public about Emraan ‘s son getting diagonised by a tumour in his kidney. Ayan right now is admitted in Hinduja hospital and a very shattered phase of life this couple is facing at the moment. Doctor’s who are handling Ayan’s case told that Ayan is having a tumour over Ayan’s kidney which could have been a danger to Ayan’s life but thankfully the tumour is diagonized at the first stage itself and hence will be cured. The treatment is supposed to be followed by a regular chemotherapy to remove the tumour right from its roots.

Bhatt also revealed that Emraan and his wife are under a great stress and frustration after this diagnosis. They are under an inconsolable state when he went there at the hospital as a part of concerns.

And we all know that Emraan is a tough defender and he’ll surely give a tough fight for his son’s life. We all just hope and pray that his son gets well soon.

May God give Hashmi family the strength to fight against this hard times in their life.


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