Most people didn’t know about Ashley Park before she participated in the USA cultural pageant this year and eventually won Miss Asia USA. The title is huge, and there’s no doubt in that.

Ashley comes from a multi-ethnic background with her mum being a Pusan native. She is from southern hemisphere of Arkansas. She is multi-talented and all-rounder; from studies to athletes, and from acting to beauty competitions, Ashley has been doing it all perfectly.


She got interested in athletes when she was a child and dreamt of becoming a world-class athlete. She started working and training as an athlete and a swimmer since a pretty young age which lead her to becoming a state-champion nine times straight in cross country and trade and a state-champion. She then ran for a Division 1 for the University of Arkansas and successfully got. University of Arkansas is one of the long-distance and best schools in US and successfully got it.


Ashley’s interests are extremely varied; she is a book worm and totally loves to spend her time reading books and novels though her favorite genre is sci-fi. Apart from the love of books, she likes to learn and explore new languages. She did her bachelors from University of Arkansas in journalism and Spanish. Because of her meticulous time management skills and hard work; Ashley not only graduated earlier than her graduation year but was also given the title of an All-SEC Academic Athlete.

It was after her graduation when this Arkansas beauty decided to step into the world’s toughest industry and see if she can survive; Hollywood. Though she doesn’t have a formal degree in acting but has attended innumerable top-notch, acting schools of Las Angeles and had the opportunity to learn from some of the best teachers. She deems classrooms as one of the best places for an actor to learn and hone his/her skills. She finally got her first appearance in Hollywood by doing a stint on the popular opera series, “Day of our lives”. She did her first feature movie a couple of years back, “All-American Bikini Wash”, it was a low-budget movie filmed in Las Vegas. Though the movie didn’t go on to become a hit but it show-cased Ashley’s potential as an actress. After doing the movie, she got a number of different projects; she kept on working and mastering her acting skills.


Hard work and devotion always pay off and that’s what happened with Ashley too. Next year, two of her feature movies are going to be released; “Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter” and “Day for night”. In both of the movies, she is playing major leading roles. Day for night is scheduled to be released in the early part of 2016. In Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter, she is playing the role of a physically strong woman called “Rihanna”. Being an athlete all her life, shooting scenes which required physical strength did not intimidate her but were rather quite natural for her.
In November of 2015, Ashley entered her named for USA cultural pageant and was selected for representing her country; Korea. She explained this in a conversation with TicketsMove Mag ” I was honored with Miss Korea USA 2015 title and later with the love and support of my fans and luck being on my side, I was announced as Miss Asia USA, 2015. “


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