Stephene Meyer is probably trying so hard to make you fascinate about a love-story, a love story comprising a sparkling vamp and an immature girl (who recently has turned 18 and want to desperately have sex). It is like getting on the audiences’ nerves when they find such stupid just-for-the-sake-of-making kind of story. This story was meant to end through only one book which is un-necessarily stretched to 4 massive books.

1.)Edward is stalking Bella


This is the most scrimpy thing I have noticed watching the Twilight series. Edward is such a bizarre vamp who needs to appreciate the sensuous and attractive Bella sleeping in her bed wearing her under-pants. He is kinda stalking her all the time instead of being romantic with her, dating her and gifting her with beautiful blooms everyday. But the way Edward enjoying those moments gives a feel as if he is going to murder her if she doesn’t allow him to physically intimate with her. He keeps on starring Bella right from the first day? When Bella tries to go closer to Edward he pushes her back. I mean these are heights now.


2.)Bella seemed to be a suicidal patient


On one end Edward seems to show and boast himself to be a guy, a man who loves Bella but certainly due to reasons leaves her. When Edward abandons her, she begins passing days and months without making any move and not making any critical follows. Funny thing is that instead of approaching for love and understanding love by enjoying the good-great memories they both have, she tries to enjoy by attempting to kill herself. The bike ride with Jacob which leads to bleed her fore-head, the cliff jumping and many such activities just to enjoy the hallucinations of a sparkling vampire.

3.)She gave up her family and her friends for a possessive boyfriend – A “VAMP”

Bella falls in love which draws her involuntarily to a mysterious boy, a boy who sparkles in sun-shine with Edward. On top of it, what she did was leave her family and friends behind to enjoy with a vamp-dude in her school. If she really loved Edward then she should have introduced him to her family, to her friends and would have probably enjoyed the most with all-together. She surrendered her family and companions both, and for whom – For a possessive sweetheart who was completely manipulative and possessive from the beginning. Indeed Bella’s Dad didn’t know till the end that his daughter got hitched to a vampire.

4.)Bella is more of a sex-despo

Twilight 2

According to me, it unmistakably appears that Bella appeared to have experienced passionate feelings for Edward because she wanted to have sex and every bit of it. She completely is by all accounts sex-neurotic who needs the creature inside that vampire to get out and comfort in the most ideal way imaginable. Edward appeared to be just an element that was intended to give joy to her as and when needed. Edward being a vamp truly pushed her off from him. For the most part it’s the men who dependably push things like sex on a young lady, yet here the scenes are entirely unexpected.

5.) A totally crazy girl who wants get married at 18

bella edward

This is the most inept thing I can ever meander about in my most exceedingly bad night-mares. Who, on this earth wants to get married at 18? I mean, common now, bring up some flesh into the story dude…!! There is nothing that can make a young lady wed at 18 years old, unless and until she is tormented because of a few traditions, religions or conventions in her family. She is girl who has just crossed her 18 years, and she is liking going over and over Edward trying to convince him to get married. She is young lady who has quite recently crossed her 18 years, and she prefers going again and again Edward attempting to persuade him to get hitched. It is by all accounts very critical joke that she wants to marry a smiling, sparkling vampire.

6.)Edward seemed to be a typical possessive and manipulative guy


Have you ever noticed Edward’s jealous, suspicious and possessive nature towards the beautiful friendship shown between “Bella and Jacob”? I am pretty much sure you have. He literally hates Jacob not because he was a were-wolf but because Bella was very close to him (as in best of friends). If Edward was really someone who cared for Bella and her happiness, why on the first place did he leave her? Why did he let her leave her family and friends behind? Why didn’t he allow anyone to reveal about Bella’s pregnancy to her dad? Why he made Bella hide from her very own father through a lie? I mean true lovers or boyfriends don’t do that to their girls. Whereas with Cullens, here all they care about is shielding their real identity from the outside world at the cost of someone else’s happiness. I understand Bella being 18 was not matured enough to understand the stuffs, but what about Edward? He was freaking 109 years old guy. One more thing to notice is that Edward being a 109 year old good-looking vampire is “virgin”? How is that going to drive the audience to something called “extra-ordinary”?

7.)The Cullen family is the most crazy family


Cullen family, a family which survives not on human-blood but animal’s blood. Well, then how are they supposed to be addressed as vampires? What did the Cullen family do to survive? Nothing. What they did to buy such a lavish house with full-fledged amenities? Played baseball with Bella. Then what did they do? Just kept on sucking blood? The work they did was only to deal with that so-called vampire coven “Volturi” who totally seems to be a gay. The way he looks at others especially Edward makes me feel that if there can be war taking place, it cannot be on the basis that “Bella is a human”, but rather on “Edward is mine”. They want help from a were-wolf Jacob, but at the same time Edward feels insecure about Jacob.

8.)They call it a war- I call it a discussion

breaking dawn

Stephenie Meyer has made a decent attempt to disregard the war-part in her last novel/motion picture “Breaking Dawn -2”. Infact I don’t consider that part to be a “War” at all on the grounds that “War” when once began winds up pronouncing either of the two defendants to be a winner. Whereas here, the war between the Vampire Coven Volturi versus the Cullen and the Were-wolfs seems to be a mere discussion. From the start itself, Volturi seemed to have developed a kind of hatred for Cullens and just because of a little girl Irina’s wrong news, Volturi bursts out with his army to stand against Cullens and know the truth. The most disgusting part is when Volturi after deciding to go for a war, reaches out to the Cullens for validation and verification that whether Renesmee is immortal or not. Now, if Volturi really wanted to verify what made him prepared for the war, which makes him a totally stupid vampire on the name of “Coven of Vampires”. The author has literally tried to divert the “WAR THING” (as she is no good with describing wars) through a mere verification and validation process.

9.)Renesmee’s birth


There is a point in the story/movie where Bella delivers the baby. This is the point where I guess maximum blunders are made. The first thing is that Bella was a human until she gave birth to a baby-girl “Renesmee”, then how can a baby grow with such a rate in a mother’s womb? (Even Harry Potter series haven’t tried to exceed such limits of logic). Cullen family besides living in a luxurious house with each and every amenity delivers the baby in the creepiest way possible (Edward biting Bella everywhere, Bella is pucking out blood).

10.)This book cannot inspire children

Whenever any negative critics are kept against such an overhead-fascinating story, Twilight fans have tried to cover up by pulling out “The Harry Potter series”. Well, Twilight series is something which when read by a 12 year old school going kid, what he/she would get inspired but rather he/she would absorb negative juices like “Bella left her friends and family for her love, she turned into a patient who is heart-broken due to her boy-friend and tries to kill herself, Edward proves to be possessive boyfriend”. J.K. Rowling had totally been fair depicting the magical world with all those magical characters (atleast she come up with a story which said that Harry Potter had a very high rate of growth while in his mother’s womb). Twilight is nowhere entertaining to the kids or say school going children because, they pick up such books with a motive to understand some important lessons of life and understand different emotions based on “a funky-magical” way. Imagination and creativity are the things which is used best when written for children.

So, anything to add upto to this story?


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