Well, it seems that 2014 is really going to be a turning and adventurous year, a year where movie freaks are going to gifted by a range of “Sci-fi” movies.

Transcendence, the much awaited movie which will pin point the debut of a cinematographer “Wally Pfister” turning into a director. Starring our “Captain Jack Sparrow” – Jhonny Depp as a main lead who plays a role of an AI researcher Dr. Will Caster working upon a scientific concept of “Technological Singularity”, a point where the artificial intelligence will overcome the human intelligence. He is over to building a something, a machine comprising of “sentience and collective intelligence”.  Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas are executive producers of the film.

The trailer includes a narrator, Jhonny Depp who narrates that “Over a 1,30,000 years……”..!! The human capacity to reason has remain unchanged. The trailor talks about the artificial intelligence overcoming each and every barrier of the biological fundamentals. Also it does talk about the analytical power which will be more then the total analytical power of every person born in the world. Till, now three trailers are released and each one of them are driving the temptations and eagerness to watch this movie at a peak rate. It’s a conceptual movie based on the science and fiction.

According to me this movie seems to be based on the recent R&D going on by the IBM people who are working upon building an all new framework which will be based on the human’s neuron system i.e. the neurons. This will really going to be a turning point in the human history and a revolution will sweep away across the globe when this thing is going to be live.

You may refer to this article where there is a detailed talk about this concept of artificial intelligence.

RELEASE DATE: April 17, 2014



Check out the unleashed trailer here:-



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