Well I’m writing this article just after coming from the movie and still the folk music of “Dhay dhay dham dham dhol.. “ is running in my mind. Featuring Ranvir Singh, at his best act of life and gorgeous Dipika Padukone, under the direction of one of the most visionary directors of Bollywood ever had. The movie RamLeela is smashing box office, no matter whatever the controversy is. Entire movie is shooted in kachchh’s white desert, Udaipur palaces, banaras, ganga river banks and some beautiful places in rajasthan; in wide colorful frame just under a small budget of 35 crore which has been worthly spent.

About The movie

Soul of movie is directly inspired from Romeo and Juliet, a love story with lots of family drama and brutality of people’s mind choosing love over war in families. “Sanedas and Rajadas “are two main spans, which the whole city of Kachchh is divided into. 500 years old war has existed between the two spans and its people so badly that the entire city has arms and weapons at home. Guns are shown so simply that every kid of city have it as a toy.

Though movie begins with a cheap start and silly things but later it has total attention from the audience. Ram is son of leader of Rajadas and Leela is daughter of leader of Sanedas. Both meet at a function at Sanedas and their romance starts directly from the 1st meeting; more than love at 1st sight – kiss at 1st sight, that too by the girl lead, i.e. Leela. And that kiss will surely take the soul out of every boy when dipika blinks her sexy eyes. Both of the leads have brothers who intend to kill each other anywhere they spot the other face to face.

The brutality in people’s mind towards each other is shown so perfectly with dialogues and sequences that it draws people’s attention over family war. At one funny situation and accidental meeting, both the brothers try to kill each other and the real war begins. But Ram chooses way of love over war and wants to end war by marring Leela who was already eager for the same. Gun firings and slow motion scenes of breaking beer bottles gives entertaining feel of movie. Ram and Leela both leave their houses and run away from all. Get married and try to hide as much as they can. At their 1st night, a charming song starring Leela in white outfit has been shot with smoke, giving remarkable touch to cinematography by Ravi Varman. But in no time both families find them and split them by throwing a terrible lie that ram gave address of hiding place, But the trust in each other remains same for the love duo. Families keep trying to manipulate mind of both but both believe themselves as totally married. In that process, a scene that drives in people’s emotions is when grandmother cuts lady finger of Leela just to remove her wedding ring ; with very cold heart using a simple cutter – that makes everyone speechless. In very second scene when Ram came to know about it, he cuts his own which shows depth of love and the intensity of how much he wants her. In no time story takes so many turns that both become leaders of respective spans. And with all respect both want peace, but still one small brother of Dipika wants violence and the real RamLeela starts when he attacks ladies of Rajadas and tries to shoot his own grandmother and gives blame on Rajadas. In revenge Sanedas does the same and Sanedas attacks in response by starting to killing every person possible and riots came out; at last the last daughter of Rajada comes with her son directly to grandmother of Sanada and tell her to kill him and everything reviles thats been done by Leela’s brother. But at that time Ram Leela both are aware of the fact that everything is over now and its due to them, riots were at their peak and in spite of getting killed by enemies, they prefer to shoot themselves, both kill each other but then entire town gets a lesson- well, more like a message from both leaders that make love not war.

Entire movie has so many good things, especially scenes of slow motion when women get attacked by Sanedas and flowing waters, many smartly used slow motion scenes from breaking things by bullets. I bet in one scene, when Ram comes to talk leader lady (Grandmother of Leela) and says he want to merry Leela,  just after smashing every Saneda in their own home, in white shirt with extraordinarily made indo-western wear and intense aggression on face must have taken girls’ breaths away. Some brutal scenes like cutting finger of Leela, attack on Leela’s sister in law, death of brothers of Ram and Leela gives a feeling of disgust towards both the spans and their rigidness. Emotional scenes, especially convergence of thoughts of both spans, change of mind of Leela’s grandmother and  how she kills her own son and accepts Rajeda’s last son as her own, Leela’s sister in law’s getting accused by people of Rajadas, and Ram gets ditched by friends just after 1st night of marriage and splits them gives a tremendous touch to story. I can say Bhansali totally knows how to play with audience’s emotions.

Talking about cinematography all scenes are so colourful, costume designer done his job at his best, music of the movie has been composed so nicely that all the songs are at perfect places and lyrics at its best, except the item track of priyanka in movie which lacks so many things, choreography and it comes in movie when there is no need of item number added just sake of..well.. adding; in contradictory song dhol baje is at perfect situation with best music and lyrics.

Gujarat’s culture, its beauty of clothing, typical gujrati folk music and gujrati accent gives film velvet touch. But one message to Mr. bhansali is “This is gujrat not bihar, Brutality and violence is never been there in our culture”.

All over movie has a simple message “Make Love not war”.  And that is shown with extraordinary story, marvellous cinematography, lovely music and touchy emotions. All over its great experience and in my way if any movie with stops Bhag milkha bhag from grabbing all awards, then this is it.

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