“Bande he hum uske…Hum pe kiska Zor…..”

Well, the trio is back with that thrilling action….ABHISHEK-AMIR-KATRINA with the Dhoom-3.
Exotic and mesmerizing destinations. Excellent background music score. Dialogue delivery of AMIR KHAN. Mr. Perfectionist seems to have maintained the benchmark of his perfection for the attitude. The attitude of a thief towards his target. Abhishek seems to be better this time. Katrina kaif’s dance moves will leave you spellbound. YashRaj films, this time seems to grab a handsome amount at the box-office.

[highlight]“Jo duniya ko namumkin lage, vahi moka hota he kartaab dikhane ka”.[/highlight]

The dialogue writers have very precisely weaved the vocabulary for each moment. From the trailor the movie seems to have a speed, some phrase catchy moments too. I guess that cap residing on AMIR is surely going to be the next fashion trend for guys. The trailor delivers the overview of how the magic can lead people to believe the illusion as a reality. The movie seems to have a blend of hide and seek getting played in between the audience and that JOKER involving the POLICE (ABHISHEK BACHHAN). It’s a chase and nothing else.

[highlight]”Chor aur Police k bich mein sirf dushmani hoti he”……..[/highlight]

The mesmerizing and sizzling Katrina, Amir’s 8 pack, Amir’s new look are the hopes that might bind the audience.

Let’s see what magic does the date 20-12-13 spreads among its eager and enthusiastic audiences.


  1. Hi Charmie Prajapati,
    Dhoom 3, Finally time has come for Dhoom 3. Most of people were waiting for Dhoom 3 & now yash raj camp has released trailer of Dhoom 3 & it will be also released on 20 Dec 2013. This Dhoom 3 is really special in Dhoom. I wil must watch it st because of Aamir Khan.

  2. you have mentioned about AMIR, ABHISHEK and KATRINA but you didn’t mentioned about UDAY CHOPRA i think you are having personal revenge kinda thing ma dear friend. :P ;)


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