JAI HO” is in the air, in the rickshaws, on tea-stalls and almost on each of the buzzing lips of a common man. The much awaited movie “JAI HO” is released into the theaters expecting a good amount of rush in this weekend.

Sallu fans seems to be very happy and energetic after watching his recent film where he debuts a role of an officer named Jay Agnihotri to fight against the social evils. A former army officer turns out to be a common man “Jay Agnihotri” trying to push the boundaries which is encapsulated in many social evils till date. Jay-Ho as the name itself speaks out those energetic words; the movie is also equally synchronizing with its name through a power-pact performance by Salman Khan. He will really be able to successfully turn on the people’s mind through his “helping hand” based movie. This movie will really be admired by people and audience will surely walk out of the multiplexes with some or the other kind of positive shift in their thoughts, to help out the people living around them, in a society.

But if you are unable to grasp the idea or are argumentative regarding the movies which shows typical melodramas and one punch making 5 people fly high in the air and crash to the ground than you are not recommended to watch this movie because this is what is making the movie live. There are also some really small moments which will touch your heart. The moment when Jay helps a handicapped student give exams, prevents a kidnapping, helps out a girl being harassed, and helps out in each of his household chores and so on. In short the things which will leave a simple smile on your face.

Once being interviewed the director of this movie Sohail Khan confessed that he is very much inspired and carried away by Rajkumar Hirani’s movies (Lage Raho Munnabhai, MunnaBhai M.B.B.S, 3 idiots). he is an avid fan of him. He said that like each of Hirani’s movies contains a message which can be followed by millions, he also thought of coming up with something like “Jay-Ho”. So, this movie is all about a complete typical “Bollywood Masala” type of movie filled with some great dialougs and one-liners a times which can be enjoyed with your bucket of pop-corn, coke and a bunch of “sallu” fans like you.

And so did you watch out this one? If yes, than share your reviews with us. If not than grab this masala movie as soon as possible this weekend.


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