There is a tension and responsibility in the air surrounding Captain America, Chris Evans which leds him to jump right away into a hijacked boat to rescue his crew from a helicopter without a parachute.

Well the matter doesn’t end in such an easy manner especially when we are talking about such a great movie of Hollywood. The mission is not just saving those captured ones but also the Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson is supposed to shield a hard drive which is loaded with the deep secrets capable of changing the very balance as a whole.

Whereas Tom Hanks‘ Captain Phillips talked, finessed, sweated and went into shock to rescue his crew, Chris Evans‘ Captain America jumps onto a hijacked boat from a helicopter without a parachute. His liberation of a S.H.I.E.L.D. vessel captured by international terrorists involves flinging himself across the deck; a human pinball with terrorists as his easily neutralized bumpers. Make that a super-human pinball, because as much as Steve Rogers maintains his golly shucks good nature, he is, after all, a Marvel superhero and he’s here to save the day in the most preposterous and camera-ready fashion that’s possible. Welcome to ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘.

It requires an advanced degree from George Lucas to undertsnad the stuffs out there during the specifics at the World Security Council but when a strange mention comes into the picture by Senator Palpatine i.e. Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford)  that “SHIELD has been compromised”, it is actually easy to figure out the bad boys.

The characters have justified themselves at their perfect places and moments. Steve Rogers running outta time starts trusting few, Black Widow proving the combat she is sound at which is in synchronus with his jogging buddy Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie)  sharing the same stories of fights and their left behinds scars.

Well the creativity of the movie lies in the suspension of disbeliefs and its functioning throughout. It is an awesome execution indeed. There are moments in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ where audience literally starts nodding and enjoying both. Well you might feel it odd of why put so many efforts in decrypting a secret HardDrive when you already have the spark of the stark i.e. Tony Stark?

The action shown here is ultimately going to lead you the best amplitudes of the Marvel Movie Universe of “The Avengers”. The combat is really a must watch notion of this movie. The shadows, the glitches, the dialougs, the action everything sums up to awesomeness.

I would like to know the insights of yours regarding this movie.


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