In our country, it is essential to have at least one proof of identity and address if you want to file anything legal and even if not it is the absolute proof of your identity for being here. Now, Aadhar card is one of the many identity proofs that is mandatory if you are a citizen of India. It is a simple card whose issuing authority is UIDAI, and it has a 12-digit number which is issued to everyone enrolled in this country irrespective of their age or gender. A certain amount of time, information and biometric details are required to create this card completely.

aadhar update 2018

Importance of Updates:

With each upgrade, there is at least one minor detail that is added to the Aadhaar Card forum for better and increased verification. Firstly it was essential to link your bank account details to your Aadhaar Card since that was the process of completing the KYC. A recent change also said that linking the Aadhaar Card to the PAN card is important and lastly the phone numbers. Completing the Aadhaar Card Correction on time is essential otherwise the PAN card, your bank account or even your mobile number might go dormant.

How can we Update or Correct the Details?

If you find that your Aadhaar Card is not up to date and it needs some changes, then make sure to update it as soon as possible and before the deadline. There are several methods through which one can update their Aadhaar Card. Given below are the methods:

  • Online: You can opt for the online method of rectifying your aadhaar details if you can keep a tab on your emails. You can also keep a check on aadhar card update for details related to this.
  • Offline: You can opt for the offline method which again has two different methods, e., by post or by visiting the nearby center. You can download the change form, make the required corrections and then post it to the proper address or you can visit a center in your area and request for the same.

These methods are the ones that are valid under governmental laws, and one should not opt for anything that might be illegal and cause harm to their details. One has to apply for the changes online or offline and it is completely free of cost. Now, if you are visiting a center, then you might be charged Rs. 25.

Important details and documents to be linked: There are some documents that one has to link to their aadhaar card mandatorily. This is done for achieving a universal document of verification in every case. Some important places are:

  • You have to ensure that your Bank Account is linked to your Aadhaar card successfully either at the time of creation or later.
  • Your Driving License should be linked to your Aadhaar card.
  • Your PAN card should be linked to your Aadhaar Card.
  • Your Mobile Number should be linked to your Aadhaar Card for receiving updates on recent changes and other details.

This is a simple guide to the aadhaar card correction details and how they can help you in future. You can keep a check on “” for the recent updates related to the Aadhar Card correction and upgrades. Make sure to read every detail properly!


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