There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.
– Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist)

So, before I ask you what are failures, I would probably be appropriate to ask you that are you a human? If yes, than this post is surely going to entertain you. I am right now sitting at the Venture studios in between so many psychologies who have experienced different kind of failures.

What is the definition of failure?

Failures have been among those favourite topics for everyone when it comes to any debate. Failures as such have no defination on a certainty basis because it varies from person to person.

For a 3 year old kid failure is when he is not able to explain his parents what he really wants. Failure for a school going student is when he gets that red-coloured underline below the marks of Mathematics subject declaring him fail. Failure for a college student is when he is not able to crack the campus interviews on the very first shot. Failure for a lover is when he cannot convince his parents for a marriage with a girl whom he loves. Failure for a father is when his son kicks him out of the house saying there is no space for you anymore.

For an entrepreneur, failure is something when his good old passionate dream to become a successful businessman crashes into pieces after an effort-full work and perseverance.

So, today this event is going to be a little more of a judgmental vision towards your failures. How do you look upon over your failures? Do you consider failures to be a complement to success or a negative critic demolishing your dreams of success?

I am proud to present before you the presenters at eChai RoundTable – Road2Success via Failures who discusses the optimist side i.e. the story of “GLASS HALF FILLED” of the failures:

– Abhinav Chokhavatia – Founder, Zatun
– Khushboo Solanki Sharma – Founder, Zero Gravity Communications
– Falguni Patel, Founder – Appleblossom
– Laval Bhatt, Founder – Honey Bee Infomedia
– Kaushal Bhavsar – Founder, Pratikar Technologies
– Anand Marar – Founder, Arize Healthcare

I’ll be happy to gain your participation during the live blogging in the form of Facebook commenting.

I believe it must not only be live blogging but, rather a live discussion and exchange of thoughts. 


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  2. Hey Charmie really liked the way you have presented everything that happened in echai festival.You have made good use of images too…I think that echai will be having many more festivals for entrepreneurs…I hope that you will cover each event….


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