So, guys ready with your kites and strings to aim high in the sky by shouts and cheers of “Kaaipo Che…….??”. Oh, of-course yes, the 14th January has approached and we are about to celebrate the very first festival of the year 2014 with all that craziness and shouts.

But, during this time, the space which we occupy in the sky is actually meant for those creatures who fly in that space. We enjoy ourselves flying kites on this day at the cost of their lives. I know it is a bit harsh to say this, but this is what the reality is. Have you ever thought that what problems they might be facing at the cost of our enjoyment? Just imagine what if one day we all are banned from moving out of our homes due to some attacks going on outside? How will we be able to feed our families? How will we search for food? Its unpredictable, isn’t it? It seems like a sci-fi Hollywood movie where the region is attacked by some virus or so, isn’t it? But, in real it is not.

The birds who do not understand the kite festival, move out of their nests in search of food for their little ones, to feed them and while moving in between the kite-wars they get injured due to the strings used in flying the kites. They get the cuts and bleed badly while their families are waiting for them to return back to homes.

So, we at MOVZIO have participated and shaken hands with BuddyBits to share the help in saving those injured birds and preventing them from dying. If you find any birds anywhere injured in between 9th January to 18th January then, please contact the helpline numbers.

To know more about the helpline numbers and procedure CLICK HERE.

Festivals are meant to be enjoyed to bring the smiles but not at the cost of any other’s life.

Remember your one call and one concern can save a life, can save a breathe. Please take a step forward and make this campaign more worthy and an icon of mankind.


So, its a humble request from Movzio to come forward and be a part of “SAVE BIRDS CAMPAIGN – 2014”..!!

Image and Vedio credits: BuddyBits.


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