Top 20 Research Paper Topics

Best research topics are the guarantee of high paper estimation. Sometimes it is hard to find a relevant theme, so the article will help to cope with this task.

Top 20 Research Paper Topics

 Starting a research paper is a hard thing commonly because you cannot pick up a good theme from the very beginning. Best research topics are a popular question among students of colleges, universities and other higher educational establishments.

When you managed to come up with the original version of the title of the article, you need to check, with the help of any search engine on the Internet, the availability of already performed scientific research on this topic.

Well, firstly, any article should have scientific novelty and relevance, that is, the results obtained in it should make a small contribution to science and solve certain problems in this field of knowledge, and secondly, the author of the article should not be suspected of plagiarism.

If the topic of the article is chosen successfully, and no one from this side has investigated the problem with which you plan to study it, you can proceed to the next stage.

The second stage is the collection of factual material for the analysis and subsequent presentation of its results in the article.

Here it should be explained that two theoretical parts of the scientific paper are theoretical (analysis of theoretical sources on the subject of the article: scientific articles, chapters of scientific books, etc.) and a practical part (generalization of the results of analysis of self-collected data obtained, for example, interviews, analysis of vocabulary definitions, depends on the area of knowledge within which the research is conducted).

So, the data obtained should be carefully analyzed, and the results of the analysis are logical to present in the practical part of the article.

How to Choose a Topic?

There are many sources and inspiration for best research paper topics. In order to pick up a relevant one, don’t look in books only. Look for the peoples’ meanings and points of view. It is even better to choose something contradictory and even provocative to heighten the interest of the audience. So, where get ideas from?

  • Sites and blogs. Go through the sites with a similar theme and look at what topics their authors write. Try to find non-standard and worn-out topics, but something interesting and original that will interest other people.
  • Browse social networks, there can often be found interesting ideas. Subscribe to several themed public posts or add them to your bookmarks. From time to time, see which posts they place, and take ideas for you.
  • Forums, mail responses and other similar sites where people ask questions. Read what interests people and give the right answers.
  • Use other formats of articles: interviews, news, reviews and reviews. Make a small variety in your style of articles will be useful – you will get a new experience, and readers will see you in a new light. Take ideas from magazines.
  • Students who run their own blogs always try to come up with something original and interesting, so you can find many new ideas.

To do this, do not necessarily buy anything, and just write out the title of the articles from the cover – they are usually the catchiest. Find out what their readers are interested in. Read comments and questions on your website or on someone else’s with a similar topic. What are people asking about? What points are they interested in? You can ask directly on your blog: what would you like to read about? So you get ideas for several new articles at once. See search suggestions.

The List of 20 Great Topics

  1. Why do pupils need school uniforms?
  2. Slender and bodies in animated cartoons: is it good for children’s psyche?
  3. Anti-bullying laws: when will they become real?
  4. Obesity: who’s to blame – people or fast-food restaurants?
  5. Manufacturers producing artificial sweeteners, food steroids, antibiotics and E-components – do they kill us?
  6. Who is to take response in airplane crashes?
  7. Should the court try juvenile offenders as adults?
  8. Plastic surgery – is it the necessity or just fashion?
  9. Why so many conflicts in Middle East and how to solve them?
  10. What can we do to avoid conflicts with aggressive people?
  11. How to increase the average literacy?
  12. Body shaming – is there any way to make people understand that personality comes first?
  13. Is it right to pay low wages to immigrants and refugees?
  14. Should be exams changed for something less stressful?
  15. The oil companies make millions for the goods whose price is 3$ per gallon. Why?
  16. Why do women’s and men’s salaries are at different levels?
  17. Does parental “control” really work?
  18. Can toys be the reason for social or emotional problems?
  19. Bisexuality – is it a norm according to various religions?
  20. Do abstinence programs work?

One More Tip

When you search for something in google, you can see “similar queries” at the bottom of the page. Enter the keyword and see the options, maybe you will like something. And do not forget to always carry a notebook and a pencil to write down ideas.

After all, they can visit you anywhere. Write own interesting ideas, non-controversial headings and other things that will be handy when you will have to write an academic paper next time.


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