Hello and welcome to our very first move to share the start-up stories happening around us in the city. Today our interactive session is going to be with a very innovative start-up called “Printajoy“, an insta-idea to rekindle beautiful memories in the form of a hard copy of photographs being shared on the very buzzy app “Instagram”.

So, let us begin this sharing of a beautiful start-up story filled with “EUREKA” moments exclusively shared by a technical writer cum and hardcore Arsenal fan “Jayneil Dalal”, one of the care-takers of the “Printajoy“.

CHARMIE: So, first of all we would like you to introduce “JAYNEIL DALAL” to everyone reading this start-up story of “Printajoy”.

JAYNEIL : Started by three dudes from Gujarat – Jayneil, Kishan & Sohil, Printajoy is trying to make Instagram printing beautiful and affordable in India. All of us had pursued an engineering degree from the same college – Nirma University and had worked at the same startup which is how we got to know each other. Kishan is a website artisan and loves to travel; Sohil is a hardcore hacker and loves garba while Jayneil is a technical writer and a hardcore Arsenal and trance fan.

MOSAM:  What is the origin of “Printajoy” i.e. that “Eureka Moment” of discovering something called “Printajoy”?

JAYNEIL : We do believe in the immense power of photography – it captures all your memories and freezes a moment of time forever! Being avid Instagram users, we were seeing this trend where people would take tons of photos, upload it, get a dozen likes and forget about them. Why not print it? Touch it? Rekindle those awesome memories? Or gift those prints to your loved ones? In a nutshell, this is the process that lead us to start Printajoy.

So, one fine afternoon, after looking at the Instagram photos of our college days, we decided to get them printed. It was a definitely  a pain in the ass – downloading those photos, arranging them properly on a paper, converting it into a pdf and sending it to the printing shop! The end result was simply mind blowing! We remembered all those memories and laughed a lot that day! So, we now want you to experience that same joy without all the hassles we went through. Leave the trouble part to us. You enjoy your photos.

Printajoy – “India’s first affordable, online printing tool that converts your Instagram photos into beautiful lifetime memories”.

CHARMIE:  What are the core values that make up “Printajoy”?

JAYNEIL : Build, hack, fail and learn! Life is all about experiences and learning from them. Each member of the team firmly believes that and does not hesitate to venture out to try new ideas. Even though the ideas fail, the learnings from the failures are invaluable.

MOSAM:   How many members comprise to form a “Printajoy Team” and what is the level of synchronization of this team?

JAYNEIL : Well right now its me, Kishan and Sohil. We also have an intern Saanya who is helping us out on the marketing front and is amazing talented and we are glad that she has decided to work with us!

CHARMIE:  What was your approach to find out a team and convince them to work for a new venture called “Printajoy”?

JAYNEIL : Well, I practically knew Sohil my entire life. Sohil knew Kishan cause both of them had worked at the same startup. So you had three gujjus with one thing in common – a passion to build and the rest of the pieces just started falling in place. Kishan originally came up with the Printajoy idea.

MOSAM:  Who do you see as your biggest competitor?

JAYNEIL : Zoomin.

CHARMIE:  Currently what is “Printajoy” doing to grab the market’s attention and making reach its idea and service to its targeted audience?

JAYNEIL : We have been trying several different approaches such as blogging, interviews with leading online publications as well attending different events and of course marketing via social media. Nothing out of the ordinary.

MOSAM:  What is the source of your financial backbone or how are you funded?

JAYNEIL : Well we started off initially by bootstrapping and recently we had a successful crowd funding campaign via which we raised Rs. 1,05,000. .

CHARMIE:  How far do you believe in “Change is Constant”?

JAYNEIL : 100% true. And you just need to look around to see its proof. Ten years ago it was a luxury to own a cellphone and now almost everybody owns it. Social media – who could have predicated that Facebook would be such a  massive hit? Grandmas and grandpas are also on it these days! Change is inevitable. Kodak was once upon a time a billionaire company and now its bankrupt because it did not believe in this and refused to make the transition from analog to digital.

MOSAM:  How would you like to proclaim “Printajoy’s” future?

JAYNEIL : Well we are working very hard to make sure that this venture is successful. We are very lucky to have learnt so many lessons from this startup journey which we would have never learned by just reading books and blogs.

CHARMIE:  Your final words for our readers.

JAYNEIL : Your time in this life is incalculably valuable. Spend it wisely!

Your last words were really up to mark about the “TIME”. You have to be in the flow of time and act wisely otherwise you’ll be resisted badly against the flow of time and will be thrown away from the competition itself.

Thank you so much Jayneil for sharing such a great story and about some real things which are required to grab a good market-place. I just hope and I am sure that this single story of yours is going to inspire thousands around. Printajoy is going to illuminate many small start-ups like you.

Our whole team of Movzio wishes you and your team “ALL THE BEST” for “Printajoy”. Hope it climbs up the stairs of excellence beyond and ups and downs.

Co-founders of Printajoy: From left Kishan and Sohil.


Here are some cool snaps of the glance of the team “Printajoy” as a whole.

IMG_20140104_153626_955             IMG_20140104_153621_536

IMG_20140105_024720_698             IMG_20140105_023408_475

IMG_20140105_023355_157             IMG_20140104_153700_760

The Whole Team of Printajoy


Cheers to Printajoy. :-)


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