When the Prisma is already playing around the corner and everyone’s going gaga around this app which is no doubt a great app to have yourself an artful touch, here’s another app plunging into the markets. I think that people have taken the very fact and quote of “A picture says a thousand words” seriously, don’t you? Well, jokes apart I am talking about a web application that is gaining the users and especially photo-crazies on a spree.  Picline, they say it.

We all have assaulted and insulted or pulled legs of our friends by tagging them in their worst photos ever. We all have enjoyed sharing pictures of our friends doing most hilarious things, looking  when they were young and baby boys. We have loved tagging our closed ones especially our notorious cousins committing some innocent sins caught in the frames of our cameras, haven’t we? Of course, we have. So, these instances have got a new dimension to it.


Picline is all about a place where you can have your photo memories since your childhood.
You can upload one pic per year and your friends can also upload a photo of you and tag you with your permission. 3 start-up crazies and successful founders of EngineerBabu Mayank, Aditi and Avdhesh came up with this idea of constructing a platform dedicated to cherish and save all good-great memories. Picline really grabbed attention and love of thousands of people resulting 1430 users in two days. Also, I’ll tell you a secret ’bout this startup “they are been blessed by an Angel”, i.e. an Angel Investment is made for Picline by a US based investor. Engineerbabu is like a parent to this startup. So, let’s see how the kid grows up to become. Hopefully, it’ll be great and successful.

Below is the picture of the crazy trio who are the minds behind this startup. (From left: Avdhesh, Mayank and Aditi)


Picline Founders

So, its time to open your dusty photograph albums and search out your best childhood shot. This app is worth a shot, so why not give it one?




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