School days are thought to be one of the best times in our lives. The time when we begin weaving a dream, a dream which differ from understudy to learner, one fantasies of joining a Dad’s business while others dream to join MNCs, a few longs for doing only even now convey forward this satisfaction in school days by expanding themselves for higher studies and there are a couple of bundle of individuals who adoration to gain cash by making something on their own and then selling the same into the markets gaining profits and fame both.


While having all that passion and hardworking capabilities is not enough..!! The fact is that putting forth “only”such  things doesn’t help you to actually launch something of your own that too in the Indian markets especially. One needs a platform, an experienced bunch of people who can make it a little easy for you to achieve what you want.

Considering this problem of students to be a pinching one and a genuine one instead, a bunch of 4 college friends residing in two different countries taking with them nothing but only “tiresome and boring meaningless lives attending those internships and classes” came together breaking out all the boundaries and barriers to initiate a start-up called “Jack of All Threads”..!!!

What is Jack of All Threads?

Before coming up straight on to what this start-up does, let me pull out the best point first.

“You launch your own Tshirt campaign 100% free and on top of it YOU keep the profit.”

Sounds like a double scooped chocolate ice-cream with a cherry on top, doesn’t it? Indeed..Yes..!! If we take a look around the already established start-ups like Jack of All Threads, we haven’t found this X-factor anywhere else.

Started in 2012, Jack of All Threads is a start-up that allows you to launch your own Tshirt campaigns 100% free of cost, simultaneously allowing you to keep the profits gained with you only. It not only allows the college students to take the advantage for the same but even other communities and NGOs have experienced great profits while raising funds and spreading awareness.

This team of four, aimed to create an impact, not any common impact but through the mediums of school dress-codes with the help of socially-imaginative, what they call as “Impact Thread idea”to signal a pair of match and perceive, also along with their school work.


After waiting for about 2 years undergoing the process of evolution and people’s response towards this initiative, they refined their vision and mission and plunged with an idea of pitching India’s first crowd-funding stage. The evolved this stage so that people, students,  groups, communities, NGOs and other non-profit organization can uphold a voice, a voice in the new dimension i.e. through socially awakening attires – THROUGH CROWD-FUNDED TEES.


Nothing serves best than your own passions and creativity. College provides us with a stage to splash on the beautiful colours of potential lying within us and embarking a legacy behind.

Your invention holds a value only when that innovation incentivizes people to do something good for mankind. Jack of All Threads might have been started with a confined and significant set of motives but now this is something big. Jack of All Threads is now reaching to tons of students across the country expiring something called “Larger Than Life”.


That’s what they say:

“Get out there and create something meaningful! Now’s the best time.

It’s a tremendous experience in creating and selling your own product and meeting a goal that you decide.”


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