Hello and welcome to our unique conversation with a 17 year old guy who dived into the world of computers and programming at an age where others are busy playing around enjoying their childhood.

I would not say much regarding this. but he himself will deliver the things before you in his own way.

I would like you to introduce yourself in your geeky way to our readers.

I am Nirman Dave, 17 years old and just graduated from The Galaxy School in Rajkot, Gujarat. I have pursued the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Innovation, creativity, programming and movies are the things I live for. I strongly believe in helping the society through the use of technology, a unique but a challenging task. Besides being the founder of SourceNet, SourceNick and SourceNet Ads; I also teach computer programming at The Galaxy School and mentor the ‘Introduction to computer science’ course at a college in my town. Additionally, drama, basketball, chess, singing, watching movies and following up to Suits, Sherlock-BBC and FRIENDS are the activities that keep me occupied throughout the day!

Your name “Nirman” itself means “To Build/ To create” and your work has synchronized with the name so well. Kindly elaborate on this. We would like to know i.e. What have you built?

I love making new things, innovating and discovering different stuffs. And I am glad that co-incidentally my name perfectly fits my nature! Most of what I make has to do with computers, such as building a computer, mobile or tablet application. Some of my well known applications include Hibious, CoverBeats, D4x Hack Protection, Techrowatch, MathBlend, Weberks, etc. All of which I upload on my blog called ‘SourceNet’. SourceNet started as a “time pass” blog, but today it has received a great deal of appreciation from a lot of people. With increasing number of downloaders, well-known local organizations started to approach me to create little scripts for them. With such appreciations I was constantly motivated to create something big. I started with creating something called the Antable. Antable is a simple, powerful and brilliant multi-touch system device which can be cheaply available for all. Its applications can be stretched widely from school blackboards to restaurant menus. To make this device, I collaborated with one of my friend – Anuj Vaishnav, without whose support, this would not have been possible. Later, I started to learn a new programming language named Python, which I completed in about 2 weeks. Using my knowledge of Python I then created Snick! Which is my own programming language, its quite simple and minimalistic. But fits the description of a programming language and is aimed at beginner/novice programmers. Snick allows computer science beginners to establish a base in the field of programming, which would help them later. I am currently working on a project called the DriveBud. It is a project where you can listen to songs using ear buds (the top part of earphones) and does not require you to have any music storing device such as a phone or PC. All you have to do is say the name of a song and it will be played. Additionally, services such as GPS, Information search, Phone calling, Texting will also be provided. The operating system for this device is planned to be coded in Python. Apart from being the founder of SourceNet, I have also created a tech start-up named “SourceNet Ads”. Where I earn money from ads in the applications I have created.

Looking towards your career which actually took flight when you were just in standard 6th. How did you manage between your studies and research work? Have your studies ever interfered your passion?

My studies never interfered between my work in programming. In factI strongly believe that education is important. Education has taught me to think out of the box and allowedme to dream big. And it is due to such wonderful education that my parents have provided me with that I today tend to think creatively and dream freely. Hence, for me studies has never been like an obstacle for my passion. In fact it has rather been the building block for my passion. School may not have taught me computer science/ICT as a subject, but it has taught me life skills that I will cherish forever.

The best part of studies was that, I was able to manage my time properly. I divided my day into two parts, first half was dedicated to studies and the second half was free time! My studying time never interfered with my free time. And all I did in my free time was programming!

“There is a difference between being obsessed and being motivated”. What would you like to say upon this?

I believe, every human has the capability to do wonders if motivated correctly! I have been largely motivated by a number of factors to peruse programming as a skill. However, it is also my curiosity and the urge to explore new things that has kept me interested in the field. Hence, it is not an obsession but rather a highly motivating curiosity that had driven me down this road!

What is your view on the following?

Passion: Passion is the main factor that drive anyone to their goals. My passion is deeply embedded into computer programming and it matters a lot in my life.

Money: Money is what we get for the work we do. I strongly believe that if anyone does good work they get good money. Hence, for me, money is more like a by-product to my innovations which driven by my passion.

Innovation: Innovation is something that won’t ever stop for me. I like thinking creatively and wildly.

Education: An awesome thing everyone should have in their life. And I am really lucky to have such a great education. It’s the most important factor in my life!

Knowledge: Knowledge is obtained mostly through one’s passion and curiosity in a field. I strongly believe that knowledge is the currency of the modern world and wish to obtain more and more and more!

Time: This is important! We have got one life, and I strongly believe in utilizing all of my time in doing exiting things, because YOLO!

Beliefs: I strongly feel that beliefs are the things that shape people’s personalities. My beliefs shape my personality and I tend to respect everyone’s beliefs.

Everyone has got their own inspiration. Tell us yours!

It started in grade 6th, a group of people in my school bullied me. I was not able to hit them, so I, unaware about ethical implications decided to hack their Facebook accounts. To do this, I tried various tweaks which failed. Later I started to learn programming, in order to create a device which could do the hacking work. But the chain of events took a different turn, when the bullies left the school and the need to hack vanished. I was already hooked to programing and computers. I realized that if put to a proper use, this technology can bring about awesome changes. And then it all started.

What are the failures which you cherish till date for making you what you are right now i.e. the failures which led you to be successful.

Failure is an unavoidable circumstance. And it is great to fail, failure has motivated me to actually continue with an activity rather than giving it up. I failed in a few subjects in school, including mathematics, physics and chemistry. Upon which I was told that I may to be able to create new things because I did not understand the physics behind it. Additionally, I really wanted to get into the robotics club in my school, but failed the exam that everyone was supposed to give to get into it. Some failures came during the projects. Like, while I was working on Antable, bringing resources for the project became difficult at one point. We almost lost the hope of finishing the project, but luckily everything worked out! Similarly, while coding Snick, there were many basic python scripts that I was missing out on and had a lot of doubts. At one point I felt like giving up too! Being a self-taught computer programmer it becomes really difficult to seek the right person to help you out in every manner. But one of my friend – Sohil Patel, helped me and supported me a lot.

Share with us your “eureka moments” of your inventions!

One day I was just learning about parsers, computational linguistics, etc. And all of a sudden, I realized how awesome would it be if I was able to develop my own programming language. And when I sat down to think about it, it all worked out! Similarly, another eureka moment occoured when I created the world’s first format based encryption system named “Quazzit”. It allowed people to encrypt a file of any format into another format. Like a text can be saved as a mp3 file. So when someone opens it, the file will play a random mp3 song from your PC. However, if the same file is input into Quazzit, then it will reveal the actual text. This could be done using any formats! The eureka moment came in when I realized the applications of this algorithm.

“Men have become tools of their tools.” To what extent do you believe in this?

This quote as I remember, comes from Thoreau’s Walden; although the quote suggests man to be the servant of his own invention. With reference to technology as the tool, I completely deny the acceptance of this quote. This is because, I strongly believe that we are the creator of modern technology and it is basic human instinct to be curious about anything that amazes us. Today’s technology has amazed billions of people, hence we have become curious about it and are exploring many different insights. This however, does not mean that we have become “the tools of our tools”. It is, to put simply one’s curiosity that gives rise to attachment with a certain field.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke Relate your invention with the quote.

To a certain level, I believe that this quote defines today’s world in a nutshell. Everything, you can possibly think of, has been made or is being made in some part of the world today. Technologies such as Google Glass, Moto 360, etc. Are spell bounding. We live in a world, where we can do almost anything. The Genie of Aladdin is right in our mobile phones!I strongly feel that a world in which any one can create a multi-touch table out of a piece of paper is no less than a world of magic, hence Antable, for me, relates best to this quote!

Any person’s knowledge is based on how intelligently and swiftly he is able to ring about a change. Looking towards your movement towards enhancing the technology how do you crave your future?

I don’t know about what my future would be, nor can I even think about how things will turn out to be. Five months back, I was sitting in my school classroom worrying about board exams and what my result would be. I had a few close friends, and nothing to really look forward to. My future university plans, were blurred, just like right now. But I knew something exiting would happen soon. It’s been five months since then, I have given the exams, received the results and have done tremendously exciting activities I could never imagine. You never know what life has packed up for you! But, with your continued support and my efforts I believe that bring about a great change in the technological field. The best part, I don’t doubt it for a second!

Your message for the readers?

I do not think I am the right person to give messages to my readers. However, if you are looking for inspirations just have a look at Steve Job’s life.

Here are the samples of some of the significant work done by Nirman.

So, that was all about Nirman Dave. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this inspiring story with us.

Team Movzio wishes Nirman all the very best for a bright future.



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