eChaiFest : Food and Beverages

It is truly said it’s never a fest if there isn’t something about food. Especially in a state like Gujarat where food is at the pinnacle of basic needs a discussion with entrepreneurs into this field was a necessity.

Food and Beverages seems to be a very lucrative business to join as all you need is money. Though that actually isn’t true it is infact a no childs play business. Several things have to be kept in mind. There are crucial things that are to be taken care of. Some of them very conveyed by the entrepreneurs in an aesthetic manner. They are as follows:

Quality: In a food joint the most important factor that determines the success of your business is the food and its quality. So the utmost priority has to be given to the food.

Inventory: This is one of the toughest tasks in this industry. The inventory has to be purchased on mere estimates and if unfortunately you underestimate your customers demands shall not be met deteriorating your demand if overestimated then the perishable foods shall have to be discarded.

Labour force: The food industry is an industry with the highest arbitration rate. So having a workforce that you can rely on is really important. As we all know how disheartening it can be for a restaurant owner to not have a chef on a Sunday evening.

Packaging: takeaways are usually in foils and this causing a lot of problems to the customers especially if the food is oily. So always be careful in packaging it matters alot in food products.

Never disclose your recipe: If you are booming in your food business it is because of your recipe and you have to keep that a secret. You disclose your recipe you are inviting competition.

The meet up enhanced the knowledge and many misconceptions regarding food and beverages industry were falsified as entrepreneurs described their journey to the apex of success and shared also lessons which help the novice who wants to join the food and industry business.

You should be having a raw idea as the cuisines are so many but unfortunately due to lack of workforce the taste remains near similar. So if you are jumping into the business make sure you are offering something that no one else has done. If a restaurant has failed it is good to re-invest in the business but more important to re-invest in the idea so that it doesn’t fail again.

People have to know what you are selling. The aroma of the good food has to reach the people. So marketing is an important factor in this industry and to target the audience use of social media, magazines and newspapers is highly advised. As the picture of a palatable dish shall water the viewers mouth inviting him to your place.

It is said that the way to the heart is through the stomach likewise way to successful entrepreneurship is through echai. So those the restaurant owners it is your food that imprints your goodwill in the customers mind. Aspiring entrepreneurs looking forward to learn something can indeed join echai fest and fellowship program to learn in and outs of entrepreneurship


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