So, finally the wait came to an end when the most awaited and big-fuss buzz about eChaiFest’s another attempt of doing a series of events over a common platform was kickstarted.

The event took place at VentureStudios had a fantastic aerodrome to have a real interactive session with the fellow entrepreneurs with all the frank-ness possible. The event begun with Jatin Chaudhary (Co-Founder at Point10Ventures) took us to a flashback of how he started his 5 year long cum learning more journey. He shared his point of origin, taking us all along to his journey of ups and downs, a journey where finance became an issue at one point, where a journey became a milestone to chase for, where a journey gave him a chance to interact with common people sharing their uncommon ideas of starting new ventures and all the way to the orientation of eChai and its ongoing festivals.

After introducing eChaiFest, how the eChai Runaway and many other following programmes related to eChai are going to proceed was covered. The agendas of this eChaiFest were explained and the motives as well. The 5 crucial things on which today’s session relied were:

1. Community.

2. Skill-Building

3. Infrastructure Support

4. Global Context

5. Financial Support

Than there was an interactive session with all the people present over there describing their backgrounds, describing how they started their own ventures and how their failures i.e. “Never Give Up” spirit remained with them till date. Most of the people were from IT backgrounds and some from EC and Mechanical as well. Few of them were from academics too which was really appreciated by people. Well, one thing was very common with the crowd present over there that in some or the other way the source of inspiration of starting their own venture was either they were bored with a typical 8 to 8 white collar job or they wanted to have their innovative idea turn into reality with the tool of entrepreneurship.

I personally loved this event as I got to know that yes I was among those people who shared a common perspective regarding a term called “Entrepreneur”. The crowd who shared their experiences and learnings with us were actually celebrating that “moment of representing” their established idea. This is something which makes eChaiFest a way different than others.

So, down the line this was an event which was driven in between common people like us to help each other in some or the other way. It was a provoking and instrumental movement for all of us.


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