Ahmedabad –  a city of living hearts where anyone from any part of the world can’t take their eyes away from without falling in love with this city, a place where the only way to reach “Amdavadis” hearts is through their stomach, a place where rickshawala’s pull their leg out to get a side, where “chaats like panipuri and bhelpuri” can cure any damn disease, where Namo is the ever-chanted mantra and BJP is a taboo for youth, where girls can play garba till 3 a.m. in the morning and reach safely to their sheltered homes.

But still having this much to say about a miraculously developing Modi’s land there are glitches for which we are equally responsible. Elections are on the verge of coming and we gujaratis especially the Namo followers desperately want that seat of “Prime minister” to get crowned over Narendra Modi’s head.

Before I talk about eChai ventures I would like to introduce to you people of what is eChai. eChai conceptualizes and organizes engaging entrepreneurial programs and challenges to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship among youth.

Recently eChai Ventures has been busy making arrangement for its second eChai App challenge based on a theme “Design Your Ahmedabad” to integrate designers, professionals and entrepreneurs and citizens with a motive to build apps in 24 hours for creating solutions for our Ahmedabad city to make it more beautiful and trendy. Its on the coming Saturday and Sunday i.e. 12th and 13th April, 2014.

eChai will help to solve the trending and most common issues that needs an immediate remedy at the current stage through such concerned citizens and fresh entrepreneur minds.

The first eChai App challenge was indeed a great one and a kick-starter. You may find it here over @ http://echai.co/events/echai-app-challenge

Why one must join this?

1.)    We believe that for any problem there has not just to be a solution, but an efficient solution instead which can come from integrating many logical as well as responsible developers cum citizens more.

2.)   It is an initiative to bring about a change in our city for a better cause, a change which can make a living better.

3.)   It is not just a single oriented or a single dimensional move but instead it is a move towards building a community of entrepreneurs and app developers in the form of a hub comprising technical innovations.

4.)   This is a program where you can boast or show-off your skills to build something which is totally crazy and innovative app that you always wondered or fascinated to build for your city.

5.)   If you are attached to your city emotionally than this is the best chance to ponder your concern for the city.

6.)   You can have mentors having excellent skills to guide you people design your idea.

So, this is just the beginning of a movement, a movement that can help people living in this city lead a peaceful life.

For more updates stay updated….!!!

You may join this event through its facebook page : Design Your City App Challenge


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